Mounting instructions

Easy processing - like wood

Planning & Assembly

Salamander outdoor profiles do not differ from wood in look and feel, nor in processing. Thus, they can be sawn, milled, drilled, glued, sanded, glazed, painted and bent like wood. 

Best of all, unlike wood, Salamander outdoor profiles do not crack, swell or splinter.

NOTE: In the case of glazing/painting, the respective color tone of the profile is naturally highly dependent on the base material, sanding pattern and paint application quantity. Therefore, no liability can be accepted for color variations or differences between the profiles supplied.

In order to achieve a uniform appearance of the installed profiles, it is recommended, especially in the facade area, to process profiles from several packages at the same time, i.e. to cross-mix them from at least five to six packages/pallets. Only in this way are the profiles optimally mixed and the natural play of colors is shown in its uniform beauty. 

Mounting instructions

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Processing examples:

/// SAWS






/// BOW

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