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With the Salamander care tips

In terms of look and feel, our profile surfaces are almost indistinguishable from wood, even for professionals. But it's the difference that makes the difference: While our profiles look like wood - they won't gray, crack, swell, rot or splinter. In addition, they are particularly slip-resistant, which makes them ideal for outdoor use for patio floors, the pool or spa area. 

Due to its unique material composition, the material from which the profiles are made is characterized by high mechanical strength as well as thermal resistance. Thus, the maintenance effort is minimal, because dirt or small scratches can be easily removed.

Salamander care tips:

Due to the open structure of the surface, soiling can be deposited (e.g. dirty water rims). However, these adhere only superficially and can be removed with a gentle water jet (e.g. garden hose), a soft brush or a high-pressure cleaner (appropriate distance, approx. 30 cm). Stubborn dirt can be removed from unvarnished natural planks by lightly sanding over them. Additional maintenance is not necessary. 

We recommend to thoroughly clean the terrace twice a year and remove organic components such as leaves and foliage. Because these are the basis for mold spores, which can lead to the formation of stains. 

Facade profiles should be inspected for damage once a year. 

Full-surface doormats or rubber mats can leave residue on the decking or lead to staining, which can be removed by cleaning. In the case of color-blasted planks, the color can be brought back into line by refreshing. 

The sealed surface on color-blasted planks can prevent soiling, because a closed surface structure prevents the deposition of dirt particles. The FVG Color Glaze and the RFS Protective Sealer are specially formulated for Salamander Outdoor profile surfaces. Therefore, please use only these products for the surfaces of the Salamander Outdoor profiles. 

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