That is why the Resysta decking boards are convincing

Your advantages with Resysta decking from Salamander

Resysta decking boards look like tropical wood, feel like tropical wood, but unlike the classic WPC decking board, they have 0% wood content. They are: waterproof, non-slip, UV-resistant & extremely easy to maintain.

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Salamander Resysta decking boards

Possible laying patterns:

Installation with continuous butt joint

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Salamander Resysta decking boards

How to find the right dealer near you

Before you finally decide on Resysta decking from Salamander, you certainly want to hold the material in your hand. That is why we work closely with stationary dealers. Use our dealer search to find the right supplier in your area. Convince yourself of the numerous advantages of our Resysta decking boards of the Salamander brand. 

This is what makes our Resysta decking so special

Look & feel

If you choose tropical wood as the material for your deck, it is first and foremost because of its look and feel. Resysta decking boards from Salamander are in no way inferior to this. Due to numerous different processing options and variations in coloration, we are able to recreate real wood character both visually and haptically. Our Salamander decking boards made of Resysta basically have a respectable warm natural tone. 

Custom color scheme

And now the special: You can glaze the Salamander planks in a wide variety of colors of your choice. From a noble walnut-brown over white to a bright green or red - everything is possible! The special feature is again in the material. Because Salamander terrace boards made of Resysta do not absorb water, the color cannot flake off. Exposure to sunlight (UV exposure) tends to make the applied color even more intense in the long run. Here you will learn what options you have for the color design of your Salamander Resysta decking boards.


Resysta decking boards from Salamander are made from three components: Rice husks - a by-product - rock salts and mineral oil. Unlike classic WPC decking, Salamander's Resysta decking boards use 0% wood, so no forests are cleared. In addition, Resysta decking boards from Salamander are recyclable. From obsolete, discarded Resysta products, we manufacture new Resysta products of the best quality. In this way, we ensure a closed material cycle and protect the valuable resources of our earth.


Due to the unique material composition of Salamander Resysta decking boards, we have managed to develop a particularly durable product. Resysta decking boards from Salamander do not rot, are resistant to water and UV radiation, and also withstand warm, humid climates. And: cracks, splinters, insect or fungal infestation, which woods sooner or later show, do not exist with Resysta decking boards from Salamander. In addition, the floor boards are absolutely barefoot friendly. We are convinced of the quality of our Salamander decking boards: For this reason, we grant a 15-year warranty against swelling, cracking, splintering and rotting.

Slip resistance

You have small children or seniors in the house? Then Salamander Resysta decking boards are the right choice. Unlike wood, our Resysta decking boards are characterized by the highest slip resistance (slip resistance class C). This is especially important in rainy conditions or when you install your decking around a pool.

The whole Resysta product world

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FAQs about Resysta decking boards

Frequently asked questions:

The look and feel of Resysta decking boards are superior to any WPC product. The natural noble wood character can be replicated by our Resysta decking board like no other product. At the same time, it has the property of not swelling as is often the case with wood composite materials such as WPC. In addition, there are no limits to your design possibilities with Salamander decking boards made of Resysta:  Due to the large variety of colors, you can get our Resysta decking boards in almost any color of your choice. Click here for color options

You can choose your plank in the ribbed look or the smooth look. The Resysta plank is a reversible plank, so that a change within your terrace, for example, alternating from board to board, is also possible.

Even though they strongly resemble the raw material wood in terms of both look and feel, no tree is felled for the production of Salamander Resysta decking boards. Resysta consists largely of rice husks, a waste product. Resysta decking boards are also 100 percent recyclable and do not require the use of chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. This is one of the reasons why Resysta received the Green Product Award 2018.

Often a rain shower is enough to clean your Salamander Resysta decking boards. Alternatively, you can clean your planks with a brush and clean water. If you have to deal with stubborn dirt, you can use washing-up liquid without hesitation.

Colors create mood and spark emotions. That's why we attach great importance to offering you plenty of choice and scope in terms of design with our Salamander brand Resysta decking boards. Our Salamander decking boards basically have a beautiful warm natural tone. By applying the desired Resysta color glaze, almost any color tone of your choice can be achieved. From a noble walnut brown over white to a bright red or green - everything is possible with us. Another special feature: Because Resysta decking boards do not absorb water, the colors cannot flake off. Exposure to sunlight (UV exposure) tends to make the applied color even more intense in the long run. Our matching glazes, varnishes and oils not only offer a wide range of colors, but also refine the base material through increased surface resistance (2K protective varnishes). Here`s to our color variety.

In many industries, transparent plastics such as PC, PMMA, PET, PET-G , ABS, soft PVC or most frequently rigid PVC are common materials. Accordingly, we are specialists in developing luminaire covers, price labeling profiles, light snake clamp profiles, fascia profiles or the classic shower seal profiles in close coordination with our customers. 

Resysta decking boards of the brand Salamander impress with a variety of advantages compared to wooden decking boards. First of all, no wood is used in the production of Resysta decking boards, which benefits the rainforest. In addition, Salamander brand Resysta decking boards are much easier to maintain - they do not require varnish or paint - and are absolutely weatherproof and therefore durable indefinitely. What's more, Resysta is slip-resistant and very barefoot-friendly overall.

Theoretically, you can dispose of your Salamander Resysta decking boards in the household waste without hesitation. However, we do not recommend this. Salamander Resysta decking boards are designed in such a way that discarded material can be 100 percent recycled. The best way to do this is to contact your local dealer. They will ensure that the manufacturer can recycle your old Resysta decking boards.

Resysta decking boards of the Salamander brand are resistant to all weather conditions and, accordingly, have unlimited durability.

No, Salamander Resysta decking boards are weather resistant even without special treatment.
For easy cleaning, we recommend factory glazing and varnishing of the planks. In addition, there is the possibility to optionally oil the planks, which are often already laid in the natural color. For this we provide 3 color oils to choose from. The oil is only for coloring, the planks have a warranty of 15 years regardless of "treatment". 

Of course! Resysta decking boards of the Salamander brand are not only resistant to chlorine and salt water, but also slip-resistant. And: moisture even intensifies the anti-slip properties of Resysta decking boards. Perfect for edging a pool or swimming pond.

The communication platform "Resysta Network for Growth" is a network for all those companies that are part of the Resysta value chain - from raw material to processing and trade to recycling. All members share the vision about the growth potential and the multiple applications of Resysta.The network exists since January 1, 2015 and is part of the Resysta Marketing and Brand Communication, whose goal is to share insights and best practice processing opportunities among service providers and members and communicate them to a broad public. At you have the possibility to inform yourself about the Resysta network and its partners.

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