The perfect solution even for difficult subsurface situations

Our fastening and substructure solutions

We offer various options of fastening and substructure solutions to provide you with the perfect solution for your patio dream, even in difficult subsoil situations.  

For classic installation, Salamander offers a fixed substructure. It is ideally suited for subfloors on which a fixed screw connection is possible. For solid full-surface floors, such as concrete floors, the narrow construction strip with dimensions 38 x 25 mm is recommended. For installation on firm, punctual subfloors, such as a gravel bed covered with exposed aggregate concrete slabs, the construction strip with 70 mm width and 38 mm height was developed. 

The sophisticated aluminum substructure concept is used for floating installation on substrates where downward fastening is not possible. Unevenness and height differences on the subfloor can be easily and quickly compensated by the flexible construction system.

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Fixed laying of the substructure

The Salamander substructure profiles, based on the Resysta® material mix known on the market, ensure durable and reliable stability of your terrace. The proven system for standard installation on solid ground was manufactured in a specially developed production process and stands for the highest level of quality and maximum service life. It is absolutely weatherproof and can be fixed to the substrate with standard screws and dowels. Both the fixing system with the T-clip and the concealed fixing system with a narrow joint pattern can be used to attach the floor boards.

T-clip (5 mm joint spacing)

Concealed clip (2.5 mm joint spacing - tight installation)

Possible applications

Application of the substructure on solid, full-surface substrate


Width x height of the construction strip: 38 x 25 mm

Lengths: 3.00 / 4.00 / 5.00 meters

Example: Concrete

Application of the substructure on a solid, punctiform substrate


Width x height of the construction strip: 70 x 38 mm

Lengths: 3.00 / 4.00 / 5.00 meters


Example: approx. 8 - 10 kg exposed aggregate concrete slabs in a gravel bed

Floating installation of the substructure

With the aluminum substructure system, which does not require any fastening to the floor, the installation of your dream terrace succeeds in simple steps even on uneven surfaces. Time-consuming alignment is a thing of the past, because the substructure strips are equipped with mounting grooves and screw grooves, which are used for quick, exact and always flush positioning of all accessories of the system. You can compensate for uneven surfaces with height-adjustable lifts. The fastening system with the T-clip as well as the concealed system with a narrow joint pattern can be used for attaching the floor boards. 

All items of the substructure system are made of aluminum or galvanized steel and are thus absolutely weatherproof - combined with the water-resistant Salamander planks, they form a powerful duo!


Whether stair treads or seating - use the aluminum substructure for versatile applications!

Your added value:

T-clip (5 mm joint spacing)

Concealed clip (2.5 mm joint spacing - tight installation)

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