That is why Resysta products are sustainable

Innovative material free from wood

The tropical rainforests stretch across our planet like a green, living belt. Countless animal and plant species are at home there, many of which have not even been discovered yet. This "green lung" stores large amounts of carbon dioxide and is essential for maintaining the earth's climate. 

But saving the rainforest is easier said than done as long as the demand for tropical wood continues to rise. With our profiles made of Lurchi®-Wood, based on the Resysta® material mix, everyone can make an important contribution to protecting the rainforest. The innovative material is absolutely free of wood, so not a single tree has to be felled.

And that's not all: A decisive ecological advantage is the 100% recyclability of our profiles. Disposal and material recycling form a closed recycling loop. In this way, old profiles become a valuable raw material again and can be used in the production of new profiles without any loss of quality. 

The material Resysta consists to a large extent of rice husks. Rice husks are a by-product of the food industry. By-products usually do not find any further use - except in the case of Resysta - here a completely new product is created from a residual material. This is called upcycling.

In addition, our products have a class eco-balance - With the EPD environmental label, our SALAMANDER range - made of Resysta shines in the market of related materials, for example, compared to classic WPC products.

Your added value:

Everything made of Resysta, whether assembly residues, grinding dust, sawmill residues or material from dismantling, can be recycled. To do this, it is simply shredded and added back to the production process. An old product made of Resysta can thus be turned into a new product made of Resysta at any time - again and again. In this way, the raw materials used in production are in use for an incredibly long time. Products "made of Resysta" thus become extremely sustainable.

We are proud to have our own Resysta Collection. This means that our customers can simply and easily hand in the leftover pieces after the installation of their Resysta terraces, Resysta fences or Resysta facades. From the leftovers we conjure up new Resysta products in best quality.

You want to renew your Resysta project after years? This is also no problem. Old patio, fence or façade profiles that are no longer needed can also be returned to us. We give them a second life as an official Resysta Collection Point partner.

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