Plastics with responsibility

Conserving resources in the development of plastic profiles

Sustainable plastics - with responsibility

For us, "plastics with responsibility" goes beyond pure environmental protection. We consider our responsibility to include fair dealings with business partners, the interests of our own employees, the promotion of our location in northern Germany, and the economical use of natural resources to protect the environment. Already during the design of our plastic profiles, we take care to use only as much material and resources as necessary for the specific use of the profile. 

Responsibility towards

An important motto at ttp is: "With us, the customer comes back, not the goods" - We have a special responsibility towards our customers. Each of our customers (whether small or large) is part of a company with fixed procedures and its own tight schedules. As a link in their supply chain, it is our job to support our customers' operations. Here, binding delivery dates and 100% flawlessly produced plastic profiles play a central role. But not only that: sustainability has become an indispensable product feature in today's world. As early as the planning phase of a new customer profile, we consistently focus on reducing weights. Lightweight construction concepts lead to lower CO2 emissions, especially in our core industries such as the automotive and caravan sectors. In addition, we are constantly working to increase the recycled content of our plastic customer profiles.

If there's one thing we know, it's that it's the employees who make a company -

which make up ttp Papenburg GmbH!

Although the topic of automation plays an important role in our growing medium-sized plastics company, we know that we cannot perform without our employees.  Therefore, the satisfaction of our ttp team is the basis of our daily actions. In addition to performance-related pay and sufficient free time, we address issues that affect our workforce in our company health management. Especially in times of crisis, this is our responsibility. We have the responsibility to grant our employees a healthy & safe workplace, we work on it every day!

Especially in the last decade, it has once again become clear how important the topic of environmental protection is for us and future generations. We also know that it does not only affect certain subject areas, but runs through all sectors and industries. The plastics industry has a very special responsibility in this respect. Proper disposal and recycling play a central role here. With our concept "OUT OF OLD BECOMES NEW" we as a manufacturer of plastic profiles would like to illustrate the importance of the topic PLASTIC in connection with the resource ENVIRONMENT in our company!

Our company was founded in 1958 in Papenburg, Germany. Today, we are one of the largest medium-sized employers in the region with approx. 150 employees. Over 60 years of ttp - over 60 years of Papenburg. Our Fehnstadt has blossomed in recent years. More and more tourists visit Papenburg, the Venice of the North. As a solid medium-sized company, we want to do everything we can to ensure that our location remains as attractive as it is today, both for our residents and for the rest of the world!

Our sustainable production cycle

1. the right planning

Already at the article definition stage, it is determined what becomes of the material of non-dimensional profiles from production. Remaining or not dimensionally accurate production goods are collected meticulously and sorted by type. 

2. preparation process

ttp has its own granulator at the Papenburg site, which grinds the material to a certain homogeneity. For special plastics, which require a more intensive treatment, we use external companies. They process the plastic residues for us so that we can add the material to the cycle again.

3. further processing of the regrind

After the preparation process, various types of regrinds in a wide range of qualities have been produced. Now nothing stands in the way of further use of these regrinds. It is possible to transfer this material 1:1 into other plastic profiles. Another quite common means is to incorporate the material into the inner core of plastic hollow chamber profiles, for example as a colored inner core of a plastic window profile that is pure white on the outside. The prepared material has almost the same technical properties. Only by the color can you tell inside the profile that it used to be a different plastic profile! 

4. continuous further development

Our goal is: to get the best possible out of the recycling loop. For us, this means that we want to retain the quality of the original material as far as possible. Downcycling of recyclable materials is deliberately minimized. The current recycling share of our profiles is currently more than 30%, and our ultimate goal is to consistently increase this share!

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FAQ's on the subject of plastics with responsibility

Frequently asked questions:

For us, ttp Papenburg GmbH, sustainable plastic profiles contain several components:

Low product weights - Targeted raw material selection - Long service life - Recyclability //

In product planning, we rely on lightweight design concepts in many areas because they later prove to make a positive contribution to CO2 savings.

When selecting raw materials, we are careful to plan the use of recycled material as much as possible. Durability is a mandatory production feature in the production of our plastic profiles. After many years of use, a large proportion of our profiles can be recycled through us and returned to the production cycle.

As a manufacturer of extrusion profiles, we understand this to mean that both the material that accumulates in production is collected and recycled according to type. New plastic profiles are created from profiles that are not dimensionally stable. This is the first closed loop.

Another cycle is created where, in consultation with the customer, we take back old plastic profiles after their many years of service life, grind those profiles in our own plant on site in Papenburg and process them into completely new profiles.

Biodegradable plastics are polymers that can be broken down and decomposed by microorganisms.

Basically, the plastics used are all recyclable! When selecting the plastic, we specifically pay attention to the eco-balance and the possibility of recycling this plastic internally.