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Plastic greenhouse profiles

ttp Papenburg manufactures various channel profiles for hydroponic systems used in commercial greenhouses for growing lettuce and herbs. So-called greenhouse profiles.

The automatic punching process and cutting of the plastic profiles is carried out in an inline process. To ensure consistently high quality, the geometry is executed via the company's own toolmaking department in close coordination with the customer. In addition, ttp offers injection-molded parts that can be attached directly to the profile during post-production.

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Your advantages with our greenhouse profiles

Consistently high quality

Efficient inline process

Customized to your needs

Injection molded parts as accessories

What makes our greenhouse profiles made to measure so special

Various fields of application

No matter what you are planning in your greenhouse - our greenhouse profiles meet every conceivable requirement profile. In our assortment you will find foil clamping profiles, cover profiles, clip rails, Horti Systems, classic greenhouse profiles for foil greenhouses or even complex profile solutions for Horti Systems. 

Maximum individuality

Not all greenhouses are the same. That is why we manufacture our greenhouse profiles according to your individual requirements. Made of special materials, with different hole diameters, injection molded caps, colors and shapes. In addition, you can choose from a variety of ready-made profiles.

Highest quality

Greenhouse profiles must meet two requirements in the first place:  Stability and sunlight resistance. We produce our greenhouse profiles in window quality - white and UV-resistant. Especially light and practical in handling are our glass and greenhouse profiles made of hard PVC.  

Inline process

Which supplier you choose in the end is decided not least by the price. That's why we use state-of-the-art inline processes within our production processes. This enables us to offer you particularly cost-effective profiles. 

Injection molded caps

Your profiles need a neat finish, often in conjunction with a custom injection molded cap? Ask us. We will take care of the design and adaptation as well as the assembly of the injection molded cap for you. 

How to get your custom made greenhouse profile

The way to your individual solution


Development of a tool for your individual greenhouse profile


Color requests are implemented in our own laboratory


Production of your individual greenhouse profiles


Profile finishing in the in-house finishing department

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Step 2

Step 3

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FAQ's about plastic greenhouse profiles

Frequently asked questions:

In the production process, due to the individual production method, there are relatively fixed quantities of scrap. If we have the possibility to combine your quantities with others, production can start from 1000 meters. If separate production is necessary, we usually produce from a quantity of 3000 meters.

Hydroponic systems are special devices for optimizing the cultivation of plants in greenhouses. The plants are kept in special containers filled with artificial nutrient solution. At the same time, hydroponic systems can also be used to optimize root respiration, i.e. oxygen supply. As a result, improved plant growth can be achieved with hydroponic systems. 

One advantage of hydroponic systems is that the plants can be stored anywhere. So-called "vertical farms" take advantage of this by arranging the plants in the shape of a column. This saves vast amounts of space. Optimized nutrient supply increases the growth rate of your plants by up to 100 percent. Added to this are water savings of over 90 percent and a significantly reduced need for fertilizer. This is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Since greenhouse profiles are exposed to heavy loads in indoor and outdoor use, we strongly recommend impact-resistant and UV-stabilized PVC formulations based on our experience in the field of window profiles. Those that can withstand both heat and UV exposure. 

We will be very happy to provide you with an offer for your individually required profile (in connection with a new extrusion die) for quantities of 10,000 meters or more. Should we know your required profile and the origin, we will also gladly name the suitable partner company. 

Standard greenhouse profiles are available for you within four weeks. Complex hydroponic systems are usually developed together with the customer. Here we coordinate the delivery time together.