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Plastic shopfitting profiles

Each store is evaluated by its interior when customers enter. If it reflects a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you can safely expect the ringing of the cash register already.

In order to do justice to an appealing store design, ttp provides a remedy with individual plastic profiles for store fitting and furnishing. Whether price labeling profiles, standard profiles such as angles, flat strips, U-profiles, T-profiles, H-profiles up to special bumper strips or cash register dividers - since ttp enjoys the reputation as a specialist in tool manufacturing, the extrusion tools can be specifically built for the desired profiles and the subsequent extrusion can be prepared.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr innovatives Ladenbau-Konzept und geben Ihren Gedanken ein Profil!

This is why ttp Papenburg is convincing

Your advantages with our store fitting profiles

Development and manufacturing from a single source

Lightweight construction using state-of-the-art plastics

Inline professional machining punching, sawing, milling

Application areas of our plastic profiles in the field of shopfitting

Price labeling

We are Europe's largest manufacturer of price labeling profiles and have the right solution for every shelf and backsplash. Our scanner profiles not only score with an excellent price-performance ratio, but can also be delivered quickly. Due to our in-house production, we already have many raw materials in stock. Our price labels guarantee a transparent cover sheet as well as an extraordinary longevity. The covers of our price tags also have UV stabilization, which guarantees that they will not yellow over time. Impact-resistant plastic makes them shockproof and prevents them from shattering. Depending on the manufacturer, the price label rails are glued or clamped to the shelves. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which attachment is right for you.

Bumper strips

The impact protection strips from ttp Papenburg are used in a variety of ways and protect your furniture from damage due to impact. The matching impact protection caps are included in the scope of delivery. We will be happy to advise you on the mounting options. Many parts of the impact protection strips are standardized and immediately available in our warehouse. But also customer-specific designs and special solutions can be realized promptly by our in-house production.

You would like to set up a branch?

Contact us! We will be happy to support you and design a customized complete solution for your branches.

Cash separator bars

Use checkout dividers as an ideal advertising medium. We adapt the merchandise separators to your checkout system and realize your individual promotion according to your template. Our in-house design department will be happy to advise you on design, shape and size so that your checkout dividers become an eye-catcher for your customers.

Plinth finish

To prevent liquids, such as mop water, from getting under your furniture, we recommend installing skirting boards.

We realize profiles for wooden or metal shelves, made of hard or soft PVC. Depending on the variant, the sealing lips are clamped or glued. We will be happy to advise you which attachment is the optimal solution for your furniture.

Luminaire cover

Light fixtures are the easiest way to beautify a room. Our luminaire covers are made of high quality plastic such as POLYCARBONATE, PMMA, ABS, BLEND and PVC. The luminaire covers from ttp Papenberg are produced in Germany and guarantee durability and resistance for any environment.

Do you want your luminaire cover to be translucent or rather for discreet light? Tailored to your requirements, we manufacture the desired profiles from transparent to highly milky. We will be happy to advise you on which material and which thickness is most suitable for your requirements. Whether translucent or milky, the luminaire covers from ttp Papenburg help to create an ambience in every room that perfectly matches your requirements.

ESL - The future of price labeling

The term ESL stands for Electronic Shelf Labels. In this area we manufacture so-called mounting rails for electronic price labels on shelves. ESL holders are manufactured by our extrusion for all common ESL models on the market, such as Pricer, Delfi Technologies, SES-imagotag or SoluM. To attach the so-called ESL tags in a simple and quick way, you make a good choice with our ESL holders, because our team of experts knows exactly those subtleties that matter in ESL technology.

On the one hand, the tight fit of the mother rail on the shelf is an important basic requirement. The topic of "shifting protection" also plays an important role. This can be individually adapted to the respective customer requirements, e.g. whether the tag should be able to be moved on the rail "easily" or "heavily" etc.. In addition, we can offer you profile solutions for ESL rails in the area of "integrated theft protection".

We also always have a solution ready for complete new developments - feel free to contact us!

How to get your custom made store fitting profile

The way to your individual solution


Development of a tool for your individual store fitting profile


Color requests are implemented in our own laboratory


Production of your individual store fitting profiles


Profile finishing in the in-house finishing department

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Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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