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Custom plastic profiles

Are you looking for a plastic solution for your specific application, but can't find it with any supplier? Conventional standard profiles simply do not meet your requirements? Then it is time for an individual Plastic profile made to measure - our specialty at ttp Papenburg. Everything from a single source and correspondingly significantly cheaper. 

Based on your requirements, our development and application engineering department works with you to design a unique custom plastic profile. Our in-house toolmaking department designs special extrusion tools before our mixing department and laboratory respond to your individual color requests and create the ideal material formulation for your profile. Our finishing department takes care of any modification requests. This way, you get exactly the custom plastic profile your company needs.

This is why ttp Papenburg is convincing

Your advantages with our plastic profiles made to measure

Highest quality

Over 60 years experience

In-house toolmaking "Made in Germany

Profile post-processing in our own finishing department

Own mixing plant, thus more favorable material purchase prices

Individual colors according to customer requirements

Extrusion of profiles

Design and supply of injection molded articles in connection with the extrusion profile.

What makes our custom plastic profiles so special


A priority for our custom plastic profiles is, of course, the material from which we make our products. After all, they should not only function, but also remain attractive and practical in the long term. For this purpose, we process high-quality materials as precisely as possible. We test the final product in our laboratory to exclude any defects in advance and thus constantly guarantee the quality of our custom plastic profiles.

Development and application engineering

In some areas, a generic off-the-shelf plastic profile is simply not enough. Many of our customers have very specific profile requirements, and we try to meet these as best we can. Together with you, we discuss your individual requirements, on the basis of which we develop your custom plastic profile. 

Own toolmaking

The expression "Made in Germany" is much more than a mere indication of place. It has stood for quality, trust and attention to detail for over 60 years. That's why we manufacture both our custom plastic profiles and the necessary extrusion tools in Germany. We at ttp Papenburg stand for Made in Germany - throughout the entire production chain.

Own mixing and laboratory

If visits to grandma's house have taught us one thing, it's that homemade is always better. That's why we run our own mixer with recipes we create ourselves, in which we add all the additives up to your individual color request. This has two advantages: Since we produce ourselves, we can not only guarantee the highest quality, but also save costs. Of course, we pass this saving on to you.

Profile postprocessing

Your custom plastic profile needs finishing after production? No problem. Thanks to our in-house finishing department, we are able to rework already finished custom plastic profiles according to your requirements. Whether sawing, drilling, punching, milling or coating. There are no limits to your individual wishes.


In the field of plastics processing, we have a particularly great responsibility. This is precisely why our sustainable production cycle bears the heading "Plastics with responsibility". On the one hand, we have a closed production cycle in the manufacture of your custom plastic profiles. The word waste is a foreign word for us, as unusable goods are added back to the production process via our own material return. In addition, by using recycled plastics, we can create a new profile of the best quality from an old unusable profile. Permanent "weight reduction" is our permanent goal here - When developing new individual plastic profiles, our experts rely on modern lightweight plastic construction concepts. They are sustainable and, for example, lead to less CO2 pollution in the long term when installed in ships, cars and trucks.

How to get your individually manufactured plastic profile

The way to your individual solution


Development of a tool for your individual plastic profile

Step 1


Color requests are implemented in our own laboratory

Step 2


Production of your individual plastic profiles

Step 3


Profile finishing in the in-house finishing department

Step 4

Have we aroused your interest?

Then contact us and let our team of proven experts advise you. Together we will find the ideal solution for your individual requirements. 


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FAQ's about plastic profiles made to measure

Frequently asked questions:

No. We use special impact-resistant formulations in the production of our custom plastic profiles. This is how we manage to produce custom plastic profiles that do not splinter even under heavy loads.

The main sales markets of ttp GmbH are certainly in Germany and Europe. Of course, we also deliver across the "big pond" or to the "rest of the world". Just wherever our high-quality plastic profiles made to measure are needed. 

Cold performance, especially with plastics, can be a sensitive issue - all the more reason to choose the right material in advance. After all, individual requirements vary depending on the area of application. We will be happy to advise you on this in order to define the best possible plastic for your specific profile application.

Just as individual as your plastic profiles are the requirements for an extrusion die for this very profile. Depending on the geometry, the tool costs range from 3,000 to 120,000 euros. The price of the profile per meter depends on the size of the profile. The materials used are also of elementary importance for pricing.

The creation of an extrusion tool usually takes between six and twelve weeks.  If a tool already exists that fits your profile, we are normally able to deliver your profile within three to four weeks. 

The profiles are extruded from the extrusion die made for you. Since this profile and thus the tool is designed exclusively for you, no other orders are manufactured from this tool. 

There are a number of reasons in favor of custom plastic profiles from ttp Papenburg. First of all, we bring more than 60 years of experience in the production of custom plastic profiles. In addition, we have our own tool shop with an inventory of more than 3000 active tools as well as our own fabrication department. This means that we are not only able to produce plastic profiles for you exactly according to your specifications and wishes, but can also rework them at any time.

Our closed material loops often make it possible to "turn" the resulting recycled quantities of the raw material back into other profiles.  In this way, we manage to reduce the use of materials and thus the use of resources to a necessary minimum.

DIN 16941 Series 2a regulates the tolerances for extrusion profiles. Of course, your project may deviate from the standard - in this case, we will define other, possibly smaller tolerances together with you. 

ttp GmbH also sees it as its duty to ensure a functioning overall system. Therefore, we define the required tolerances together with you. Often, other materials also play a role here. Your project becomes our joint project.

Your specific requirements for a profile are already taken into account during the development of the drawing. Also, the suitable materials are already taken as a basis in order to be able to fulfill the requirements in practice in the best possible way. The end result is a customized plastic profile that delivers exactly what it promises. 

Custom plastic profiles are suitable for anyone who needs an optimal extrusion profile for their project or component. Of course, extrusion is a "volume business". This means that the ratio of tool costs to profile costs per meter / piece should be in a reasonable ratio. 

This varies greatly, as the fields of application are equally diverse. Special profiles, for example, are deliberately designed for a shorter service life. But there are also profiles, such as our decking boards made of Resysta rice husk material, which easily last 30 years.

Depending on how many meters of your custom profile you need per year, the die design is changed. If your annual consumption quantity is relatively low, the extrusion die will be designed as favorably as possible. In return, the profile meter price will be somewhat higher due to the somewhat slower production speed. If your annual consumption quantity of the extrusion profile is relatively high, the die will be designed in such a way that we have as large an output as possible and can thus keep the part prices as low as possible for you.