That is why the Resysta decking boards are convincing

Magic or simply a natural wonder?

Our Lurchi Wood products are made from the Resysta material mix. The Resysta material consists of approx. 60% rice husks, approx. 22% rock salt and approx. 18% mineral oil. This composition makes it environmentally friendly on the one hand and extremely resistant to external influences such as sun, rain, snow or salt water on the other. At the same time, it is easy to clean and can hardly be distinguished from real tropical wood, both visually and haptically, which creates fascinating application possibilities.

The hybrid material also sets completely new standards in terms of design. It can be given any shape and color and opens up completely new horizons in terms of aesthetics. Because the look and structure of wood can now be played with in places where water or shaping previously set limits to creativity. 

A fascinating fact is that Lurchi®-Wood made from the Resysta® material mix is a bipolar material that does not absorb water, but can crosslink with water. This allows the application of special color glazes as well as the bonding of the profiles. The bipolarity and consistency of the material is responsible for the velvety feel and natural look. Quite unique, quite comfortable - quite innovative.

Properties that make a lasting impression


Due to its material composition, the innovative raw material mix is characterized by high mechanical strength as well as thermal resistance. 

Obtained from rice husks, a renewable raw material, Lurchi®-Wood from the Resysta® material mix has an excellent eco-balance and sets completely new standards in sustainability. Thanks to the unique material composition, the quality profiles defy the effects of sun, wind and cold even after many years. The material is extremely resistant and, unlike wood, it does not rot, swell, turn gray, crack or splinter, resulting in a natural look and extremely pleasant feel. 

Our range of innovative profiles represents a real alternative to tropical wood, because not a single tree has to be felled to obtain the material. As they are particularly robust against temperature and weather influences, they are ideally suited for outdoor applications.

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