Plastic angle

Customized plastic angles

Thanks to our development and application technology and our in-house toolmaking department, we can also produce special plastic angles. If you are looking for customized plastic angles, you have come to the right place. We respond to your requirements and produce the L-profiles exactly as you need them. 

The extruded angles are used in various areas - whether in window construction, as transport angles, for cladding or as an assembly aid. For this reason, we manufacture the profiles individually for you. Whether you need a 45 degree, 60 degree or 90 degree angle is irrelevant to us. We produce the angles exactly to your specifications.

Various plastics can be used for the material of the brackets. PVC, ABS, PP or PE are typically used. However, it is also possible to manufacture the plastic brackets from recycled plastic. 

You can order both isosceles and isosceles plastic angles from us. We can also produce the L-profiles with your dimensional and wall thickness specifications. 

Kunststoffwinkel von ttp Papenburg

Plastic angles - punched, drilled or milled

With us, you have the option of accessing a high degree of customization of the plastic angles. Do you need angles that are punched or have a hole in a specific position? We can do this for you. 

The angles are often used in non-visible areas, in which case the color usually does not play a major role. However, if you use the profiles in the visible area, the angles have an optical surface requirement. Here too, we offer you a wide range of production options. We can produce the angles in all colors or use material with UV stability. In some situations - for example during assembly - the brackets need to be impact-resistant. We can also implement this for you.

Plastic angle from 3,000 meters

At ttp, you have the option of ordering large quantities. We produce for our customers Plastic profiles and plastic angles from 3,000 meters. All manufactured profiles are subject to careful quality assurance. 

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Would you like to know more about our plastic angles? Then please contact us. Our contacts will help you personally to find the angles you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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