Your manufacturer for plastic profiles since 1958

We give your thoughts a profile

For more than 60 years, we have been manufacturing custom-made plastic profiles as well as standard profiles at our company site in northern Germany.

We rely on plastics such as PVC, ABS, PS, PP, PE, PC, PETG or PMMA and develop sustainable solutions for every application.

Your manufacturer for plastic profiles since 1958

We give your thoughts a profile

For more than 60 years, we have been manufacturing custom-made plastic profiles as well as standard profiles at our company site in northern Germany.

We rely on plastics such as PVC, ABS, PS, PP, PE, PC, PETG or PMMA and develop sustainable solutions for every application.

Highest quality in own production

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years of experience since 1958


active extrusion dies in stock

Since 1958, ttp Papenburg GmbH has been manufacturing individual profiles from a wide variety of plastics at the Papenburg site in northern Germany on customer request. The plastic profiles are made of various plastics such as PVC-hard, PVC-semi-hard, PVC-soft, ABS, PS, PP, PE, PC, PETG, PMMA,TPE, EVA and RESYSTA.

In order to be able to implement your wishes, ttp has its own modern and efficient toolmaking, material preparation and modern extrusion in addition to development & application technology. Zudem können die Kunststoffprofile inhouse nachgearbeitet werden.

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How to find what you are looking for.

Our custom-fit extrusion solutions:

The following plastics, among others, are processed in the innovative and individual product solutions: PVC hard, PVC semi-hard, PVC soft, ABS, PS, PP, PE, PC, PETG, PMMA,TPE and EVA.

With Salamander outdoor profiles, there are virtually no limits to your individual design freedom. Whether high-quality patio decking, pool decking or facade profiles. 

Find a specialized dealer of Salamander outdoor profiles near you. Find your expert around the corner with our dealer locator.

This is why ttp Papenburg is convincing

What makes our plastic profiles so special

We at ttp Papenburg can convince not only with the quality of our materials, but also with individually developed extrusion profiles, our own toolmaking, an in-house finishing department and much more.


Probably the most important quality factor in the manufacture of plastic profiles is the material. In order to be able to offer you products that are characterized by high functionality and a particularly long service life, we use only high-quality materials. In addition, there is a continuous and extensive quality assurance by our laboratory. This enables us to guarantee a consistent raw material quality and profile quality. 

Development and application engineering

For many applications, an off-the-shelf plastic profile is not enough. To provide a solution for customers who have special requirements for their plastic profile, we develop individual extrusion profiles in-house. You tell us what is important to you - we design your individual extrusion solution.

Own toolmaking

The term "Made in Germany" stands for the highest quality and care like no other. That is why we are proud to design and manufacture not only our plastic profiles, but also the extrusion dies required to produce them in Germany. "Made in Germany" from start to finish - that's what ttp Papenburg stands for. 

Own mixing and laboratory

In our in-house mixing department, we prepare specially developed material formulations with the respective additives for production. We implement your color requirements in our laboratory on the laboratory extruder. In the end, you benefit from the resulting cost savings.

Profile postprocessing

Is the design of your profile particularly complex? Then you are in good hands with us: Drilling, cutting, milling, gluing and assembling are no problem for our in-house assembly department.

Plastics with responsibility

The topics of sustainability and environmental compatibility play a central role within our production processes. When developing new products and new plastic profiles, our technicians always keep an eye on the aspect of resource conservation. With modern lightweight construction concepts, we also achieve a reduction in weight that results in CO2 savings later in use, for example in cars, in trucks and on ships. On top of this, we focus on a sustainable production cycle: We reprocess old, unusable profiles from the material return and use them to produce a new, high-quality plastic profile that consists of a large proportion of recycled material. There is no waste with us.

How to get your individually manufactured plastic profile

The way to your individual solution


Development of a tool for your individual extrusion profile

Step 1


Color requests are implemented in our own laboratory

Step 2


Production of your individual plastic profiles

Step 3


Profile finishing in the in-house finishing department

Step 4

Have we aroused your interest?

Then contact us and let our team of proven experts advise you. Together we will find the ideal solution for your individual requirements. 


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

FAQ's around plastic profiles

Frequently asked questions:

We have our own profile finishing department for precisely such customer requirements. There we are able to cut, drill, mill or thermoform your plastic profile according to your requirements. We can also perform the complete assembly of components here. 

In many industries, transparent plastics such as PC, PMMA, PET, PET-G , ABS, soft PVC or most frequently rigid PVC are common materials. Accordingly, we are specialists in developing luminaire covers, price labeling profiles, light snake clamp profiles, fascia profiles or the classic shower seal profiles in close coordination with our customers. 

The selection of the suitable material for your plastic profile is of central importance - we are aware of this. That's why we take the time for a comprehensive consultation in which we sound out which requirements your plastic profile has to meet. In this way, we quickly find the ideal material composition together - whether rigid or flexible.

ttp Papenburg has over 30 extrusion lines. This enables us to process the following materials for you: PVC hard, PVC soft, TPU, TPE, PC, PMMA, PP, HD-PE, LD-PE, ASA, ABS, EVA as well as PET. 

We offer our customers the possibility to have their plastic profiles printed with brand names, symbols or other logos. In this way, you end up with a plastic profile that does its actual job and is traceable to boot.

Bonding of plastic profiles is often possible and common practice in some areas. A wide variety of adhesive tapes are also frequently applied to the profiles to ensure an appropriate bonding option. 

Of course, it is also possible to produce plastic profiles from regrind as an alternative to virgin material. The regrind is primarily collected and sorted in ttp's production facility in Papenburg, where it is converted into high-quality plastic profiles. The recycling of different types of material saves resources and is in line with our sustainability concept. 

Long before the current discussion about plastics, sustainability and material cycles, we were already committed to these topics. We have established sustainable production cycles. The word waste is a foreign word for us. Mateiral return is a matter of course for us and the recycled material is a valuable material for us. 

Our in-house profile finishing department brings your plastic profile into every conceivable shape. Accordingly, the bending of plastic profiles is also part of our repertoire. Depending on the bending radius and profile geometry, we use special, partly thermoplastic bending processes. 

In the production process, due to the individual production method, there are relatively fixed quantities of scrap. If we have the possibility to combine your quantities with others, it is possible to produce from 1000 meters. If separate production is necessary, we produce from a quantity of 3000 meters.

Every production process is bound to certain minimum purchase quantities. The ratio between yield and scrap in the respective batch to be produced should be balanced - only in this way can we offer our products at adequate prices. This ratio varies depending on the profile geometry. Contact us - together we will find a solution. 

At ttp you have the choice between existing plastic profiles from our range and individual solutions. If you decide on an individual plastic profile, our team of material specialists and project managers will be at your side right from the start. In this way, we clarify together which requirements your plastic profile has to meet and design a customized solution for you that is as cost-effective as possible.

Protective films on extrusion profiles are primarily used to protect sensitive surfaces or the subsequent visible surface during transport or installation. As a rule, we apply such protective films inline during the extrusion process. This enables us to offer you plastic profiles including protective films at a reasonable price. 

For many years now, it has been common practice to collect and recycle profiles that are not dimensionally accurate, for example those produced during the run-in process, and to reuse them in the production of other profiles. True to the motto: old becomes new.

ttp GmbH is certified according to Din ISO 9001, Din ISO 50001 as well as with the Recycling Certificate 2019. 

In addition to special plastic profiles for specific areas of application and made-to-measure plastic profiles, we also offer some off-the-shelf plastic profiles. These include